Software Based Aerial Services For Opencast Mining

We at GarudaUAV aim to provide support in improving optimization, efficiency and time consumption of day-to-day mining operations. Using aerial-based photogrammetry technique along with AI-based digital platform, we offer real-time quarry monitoring, stockpile volumetric estimation/physical verification, inventory management, O&M, haul road mapping, water & sediment flow etc. These features will also contribute towards mining-related hazard identification & mitigation. Following is the list of key application of software-based Aerial Services in the mining sector. Each of them is considered as a separate use-case scenario for which GarudaUAV has the ability of providing reliable solution:


Surveying & Mapping

  • Topographical survey and mapping
  • Physical verification of stockpiles/OB Dumps and volumetric measurements of excavations
  • Land Use Land Planning
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Preparation of periodic mine operation plan and management
  • Financial estimation of stockpiles

Inspection & Monitoring

  • Air & Gas monitoring
  • Project Progress monitoring
  • Near Real-time monitoring operations in mines
  • Pilferage monitoring
  • Haul Road inspections
  • OB dumping monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking (both HEMM and others)
  • Safety & Environment related blasting operations monitoring etc.


  • Accurate Stockpiles measurement
  • Slope & Stability measurement
  • Periodic excavation measurement
Coal Mining

Actionable Aerial Intelligence

  • Automated mission planning
  • Real-time data synchronisation to cloud
  • Geo-tagged asset mapping
  • AI-powered fault annotations
  • Online fault & asset search ability
  • Maintenance alerts & notifications
  • Fully automated O&M
  • Automatic report generation & sharing

Get to know BlueHawk better!

BlueHawk blends industry-leading workflows with proprietary AI models to automate maintenance, inspection and monitoring tasks.

  • Automating manual inspections
  • AI-powered anomaly and fault detection
  • Actionable intelligence & comprehensive reports

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