Aerial Services For oil & gas

We offer plant and pipeline inspection & monitoring, route alignment surveys for oil and gas pipelines, thermal and visual plant and pipeline inspections, pipeline surveillance, drone-based aerial videography for change detection, aerial topographical surveys for greenfield projects, drone-based real-time construction progress monitoring, sensor-based leakage, and safety audits.

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Drone Services For Oil & Gas Assets

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Aerial Survey and mapping services

Aerial Survey and mapping services

  • Topographical survey
  • Route alignment survey
  • Reconnaissance survey
  • RoW/RoU profiling
  • Greenfield survey
  • Brownfield survey
  • Seasonal survey (pre and post monsoon)
  • 3-D point cloud
  • Geoinformatics system
  • Plant digitization
  • Asset geo tagging
  • High resolution orthomosiac

Inspection Services

  • Internal inspections
    • Boiler inspection.
    • Stack inspection.
    • Vessel and tank inspection.
    • Column/exchanger inspection
  • External inspection
    • Pipeline inspection
      • Visual inspection
      • Infrared-Thermographic inspection
    • NDT-UT testing.
      • Detect deep flaws.
      • Thickness measurement.
    • Flare stack inspection
      • Flare stack thermos-visual inspection.
      • Flare tip replacement monitoring and inspection.
Security and Surveillance

Security and Surveillance

  • Perimeter surveillance.
  • Intrusion detection.
  • Alert on unauthorized entry.
  • Theft detection.

Health and Safety Monitoring

  • Software based IoT solution.
    • PPE compliance monitoring.
    • Confined area monitoring.
    • Zone creation.
    • User interface dashboard with command center.
    • Incident management.
  • IoT solution for health and safety training.
    • Health and safety training module
    • Multiple person handheld Training and testing device

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